WireGuard OPNsense handshake issues when two tunnels brought up

Morning all,

I’m having real issue troubleshooting a OPNsense WireGuard implementation : when both networks are brought up the wg1 instance appears to fail to handshake - or at least that’s what it seems like, see below picture. Either way the traffic refuses to flow on any of the individual wg tunnels / instances

Can anyone tell me what the ‘0’ means on line starting ‘wg1’?

I know this changes when I alter the ‘Allowed IPs’ under one of the Endpoints - but I don’t know enough to know ‘why’ and ‘what next’.


Hi @AnarcoCommunist,

First off, these guides really helped me out. I would double check your set up is similar:

Other things to check:

Make sure your peers are set on each wg interface.

I forgot that I had to do this and stumbled on this a few times. You can select your clients here:

See if your client is reporting a handshake

The only annoying thing I can think of with wireguard is the connection reports Active even when it is not able to make a handshake. You can see from the client when it is actually working.

Look at your client logs

If you are still having issues, the client logs helped me out.
Screen Shot 2020-11-05 at 9.16.25 AM

Regarding your question:

I believe this is the Unix Timestamp of your last connection or handshake.

Hope this helps!

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