What does ROAST run on?

Looking over the table of contents of the book, I don’t think I saw anything about deployment / server management.

I’m curious for ROAST if you make use of Laravel Vapor, and if not, then what?

In other words, do you have a preferred solution for releasing an app that can scale well to handle thousands of users?

Hey @jon,

We self host Docker Swarm on Vultr.

It’s worked very well for us and we’re able to replicate production locally, which is a huge help when we’re dealing with a complicated stack (Redis, Meilisearch, Queues, Websockets, etc).

Installing ROAST locally

Check this out for how to install ROAST from the ground up: https://gitlab.com/serversideup/roast/roast-api/-/blob/production/README.md

Deploying to production

We don’t talk about deploying to production much in the book (because that would require a whole new book of its own), but you can see how our automated deployments work with Gitlab here: https://gitlab.com/serversideup/roast/roast-api/-/blob/production/.gitlab-ci.yml