We're Updating our Book! 🎉

Hey everyone!

We’re super stoked to announce that we’re preparing a massive update to The Ultimate Guide to Building APIs and Single-Page Applications book! There’s a ton of updates, so here’s our favorites:

:sparkles: Nuxt 2 → Nuxt 3

That’s right! We’ll be updating ROAST to Nuxt 3 + Vue 3! :rocket:

The book is being updated and will be jam-packed with helpful tips and strategies for migrating to Nuxt 3 + Vue 3.This is a huge update and you’ll be able to follow along with our progress. For people who have The Complete Package, you’ll be able to watch us work in real-time right within Gitlab and even ask questions on our community.

:building_construction: Laravel 9

The newest version of Laravel includes helpful tools such as Eloquent API Resources. We will be upgrading our API to Laravel 9 with examples on how to use these resources.

:calling: Capacitor 3

After the initial book was launched, Capacitor updated from 2 to 3. We will be going through that process as well and updating our mobile app to use Capacitor 3 code. Keeping up-to-date with mobile technologies will ensure your app follows the latest mobile standards.

:apple: Apple Login

We’ll also be showing you how to add Apple Login to your application. This is helpful when Apple requires your app to use Apple Login when your app offers other social media login methods (cough, cough).

… And Best of All

For those of you who have already purchased the book, you will get the update at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!!! That also means, that if you haven’t purchased the book and you want to see how to build an API + SPA with Nuxt 3, Vue 3, Capacitor 3 & Laravel 9, you can buy today and get the upgrade right when we release it!

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:heart: Sponsors get an additional 20% off

Dan and I are also launching a Github Sponsorship program. If you’re passionate about the materials we create, please consider sponsoring us on Github. This will give us more time to work on Server Side Up materials instead of taking on client work. On top of the discounts, you’ll also get exclusive community access, screensharing support, and a lot more. Become a sponsor →

More coming soon

We’re very thankful to have you follow along our journey. We have a ton of other things in the works that we’re excited to share with you so keep checking your inbox.

Make sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest updates regarding the book (@danpastori and @jaydrogers).

Thanks again for your support.

Stay creative,
Jay & Dan

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