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We just launched the SPA Tips, Tricks and Gotchas chapter and the first batch of videos! We are now in a full release cycle for the rest of our videos, so keep an eye on your inbox for weekly updates.

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:video_camera: 4 New Videos

We’ve launched our first 4 videos! They are available to everyone who has purchased the ultimate package at no extra charge. These videos include:

  • Why Build an API and SPA
  • Adding a Feature from Start to Finish
  • Testing Your API With Insomnia
  • Using Insomnia as a REST Client with Laravel Sanctum

All videos have been recorded and we are in the final post production stages. We are so excited to share them!

Here’s a free preview for everyone:

Here’s a quick overview why you would consider building a single page application.

:file_cabinet: When to Use Vuex

Vuex is a perfect fit not only for single page applications, but also great for large VueJS components. We’ll discuss when it makes the most sense to use Vuex.

:lock:Truth About SPA Security

Warning! Any credential, data, or feature you put into your NuxtJS SPA can be inspected through the client browser. We discuss a few of the gotchas and how to avoid security vulnerabilities.

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