Using default cover art if url not found




I am trying to dynamically create a songs object for Amplituded.init(). Basically I am creating a function getCoverArtURL and then passing it into a json object:

function getCoverArtURL(date) {
  var basepath = "static/img/livephish_logos/"
  var img_url = basepath + date + ".jpg"

  return img_url

var songs = [
    "name": "Shafty",
    "artist": "Phish",
    "url": "",
    "cover_art_url": getCoverArtURL('1998-04-05')
      "name": "Harry Hood",
      "artist": "Phish",
      "url": "",
      "cover_art_url": getCoverArtURL('2000-06-6')

I essentially want the getCoverArtURL to default to specific image in my static/img/livephish_photos. The options I have thought through are:

  • Checking whether the source url is valid, though I haven’t found a function that does this
  • Create a fetch function, but then I have to work with async/await or use a library that will check whether a source

I have added the default_album_art to the Amplitude.init(), but it seems this doesn’t handle server side 404s.

I’m very new to javascript but have worked quite a bit with other programming languages, so any help would be appreciated.

I’m actually going to do this on server side. Thanks!