🧪Testing and Securing Your Laravel API

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In this release, we’ve focused on how to use Postman to test your API and how to set up Laravel Sanctum with NuxtJS.

Postman is an extremely powerful tool that you can use to test your API endpoints. If you haven’t used Postman, make sure you download it here: https://www.postman.com/.

What’s in this release:

:man_scientist: Testing Your API Using Postman
Postman can be a bit intimidating the first time you open the application. We run through the basics of how to use Postman and set it up so you can efficiently test your API. You can watch the video by clicking the link below :point_down:.

:closed_lock_with_key: Using Laravel Sanctum with NuxtJS
One of the hardest parts of building a single page application is setting up the authentication. Laravel Sanctum has a ton of steps and if you miss a step, it can lead to hours of frustration. We’ve made this video to guide you through what steps need to be accomplished to get Laravel Sanctum working in your NuxtJS Single Page Application. It’s a longer one, but missing a single step could lead to hours of debugging.

:test_tube: Using Postman with Laravel Sanctum
Once you have your feet wet with Postman and have Laravel Sanctum installed, this video will guide you through distributing your own personal access token so you can test secure routes with Postman.

What’s Next?
We have 1 more release of videos! The next release includes another super helpful video on how to wrap API endpoints with NuxtJS and Axios to consume your API with ease.

Since we only have 1 more release, make sure to grab the book at it’s discounted pre-launch rate if you haven’t already: https://serversideup.net/ultimate-guide-to-building-apis-and-spas-with-laravel-and-vuejs/

We’d love to hear what you are building! Head over to our community forum and share some of your developments: https://community.serversideup.net/c/show-tell/9. Connecting and working in public is what we :heart: .

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