Support Goal Setting

:point_right: Describe the problem

Setting goals is crucial to financial success and budgeting. Allowing goals to be set in Financial Freedom will lead to more financial success and more motivation to keep up good financial habits.

:warning: This is an extremely large feature and will be a living request for awhile. Expect this to grow and be planned out for awhile until we have it ready for development.

:busts_in_silhouette: Problem evidence & reach

Anyone who wants financial success should have smart goals.

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Describe the “impact” on users?

Users will be able to set smart goals that they can work for and apply their money towards. Financial Freedom can guide them towards their financial success.

:trophy: How to solve this problem

By implementing the features below we will have a nice goal setting system.

Ability to set goals for a period of time

When you set goals, you should be able to set the goal for a length of time such as daily, weekly, monthly, and annually.

Goals should have statuses

We need to have live status updates and progress results for their goal.

Goals should read from tags and categories

For example if I have in my budget that I want to save $25/month for a $200 donation by August. I’d then allocate that out of my monthly budget and toward my goal. I’d have a budgeted amount and amount applied. If they equal, then the goal for the month would be satisfied.

Allow for goal planning

Allow the user to have a “sandbox” mode for goal setting and budgeting. The goals and budgets would go hand in hand. In the sand box mode, you can tweak your budget to see what is reasonable for you to meet your goal.

Send Goal Checkins

A small form to checkin with the user on goal progress and maybe a question that tracks their progress. Something like “How are you feeling towards your goal?” “Are there areas to improve upon?” These will keep the user engaged.

:100: How do we validate the problem is solved?

A user can set goals easily and reduce the friction from start to finish. The goal should guide the user on their financial journey.