November 2020 Update: Social auth is now available & we were denied by Apple!


My wife finally got an accepted job offer!
Dan and I took on extra client work because my wife was one of the millions who lost their job due to COVID-19. She applied every week for 8 months and finally received an accepted job offer. She absolutely loves her new position!

If you are also in this situation, hang in there. All things considered, things actually worked out better for us in the long-run.

Good news is Dan and I can start focusing more on Server Side Up! We’re trying our hardest to make this a sustainable community and we’re so thankful to have you following us on our journey.

Here’s what we’ve been working on…

Social authentication with SPAs (chapters + code) is now available!

Holy crap! Social authentication through single-page applications is tough.

This was by far the most difficult chapter that we’ve written, but we’ve made the process clean and very easy for you. We added Facebook logins to the web and mobile apps. The biggest bummer was that after Dan’s hard work, Apple denied the update to ROAST. This is because we didn’t offer “Sign in with Apple” as an option.

Whoops! That’s not a big problem though… We’ll actually show you how to do this too!

So here’s where things stand today:

  • We added the chapters how to do Social Authentication with Facebook (available today)
  • Our code is available on our Gitlab repository so you can see it
  • We’ll add “Sign in with Apple” and re-submit the ROAST app to Apple in the coming weeks
  • Google will be added in our next batch
  • Twitter’s methods are old school, but we’ll add them as soon as they modernize it (which they are working on)

Since the social authentication took longer than expected, we’re targeting some videos for the next release. Thanks for your understanding your continued support :raised_hands:

If you haven’t picked up the book and you want to lock in lifetime updates at our discounted price, be sure to get your copy soon!

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We :heart: the people in our community!

One really cool thing we’ve seen over the last few weeks is the number of people that have been participating on our community.

It’s slowly but surely starting to grow. It’s an excellent place to connect, share ideas, and get to know other creative developers, sysadmins, and people interested in technology.

It’s free to join, and we welcome any skill level! We’re also active on the community answering questions, discussing our blog posts, and posting cool tech related material. If you haven’t joined, feel free to jump on and say hi!

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Other projects we’re working on

Dan and I also have a number of other things that we are tinkering around with.

AmplitudeJS is our open source HTML5 web audio player and it’s starting to gain some solid financial backing. Dan and I are working to improve our “working in public”, so you can see the planned project here. If you want to contribute, we are always open to PRs!

:musical_note: Check out AmplitudeJS →

WP Dev Recipes
Speaking of PRs, a few of our recent projects involved some super in-depth work with WordPress.

WordPress can be hard to find legit documentation, so we made a simple place where you can find small, consumable chunks of code called “recipes” that make the development process a breeze.

:man_cook: Check out WP Dev Recipes →

We want to make this project as collaborative as possible! Feel free to contribute any knowledge you have.

Thanks for following along!

We’re so thankful to have you join us on our journey. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to drop a comment below.

Stay creative!

:v: Jay & Dan

I have followed your book and website for a while. I wonder when you will release the sections about opening you API to others and API Tips, Tricks, and Gotchas. I will buy the book when you release these sections.

Hey @AlexUan, thanks for your feedback! We’re excited to get to that too. We’ll just continue to be releasing things one chunk at a time. We’re hoping to have everything 100% complete in early 2021.