Non-Docker Installation Option?

I’m supper excited to see this software come to life in my household.

Are they any plans/thoughts to for a non-dockerized installation process?
I appreciate docker but only so far. I like to get my hands dirty and setup/install software like this. Plus, with docker, I’d just be spinning up a docker container in a dedicated server that’s already a vm.

Any thoughts to this method of installation?

Hey @skeels78,

The intention of us providing a Docker image is to make Financial Freedom “disposable and repeatable”. This allows it to run in almost any environment with high-quality replication.

This dramatically reduces the “it works on my machine” errors.

People can run it on their own VM (it’s just a Laravel PHP app), but those people who choose that route would have to support everything on their own. There are too many different ways to configure PHP that will create a huge support burden.

Docker in a VM isn’t too bad. It has very minimal performance impact, if any.

Stay tuned for a Docker image. Financial Freedom is a side project that took off faster than we expected. Expect a lot more updates in early 2023 :+1:

Makes sense. Thanks for the fast reply!
I’m looking forward to launching this app!

It’s been three months. Any update on a self hosted option? I see it on your Github page but with a “coming soon” note… which I have a feeling is several years old. I’m on a Mac and not sure what Docker is but I get the feeling it’s a linux thing.

I know you guys are a two man band and I have mad respect for ya. Just curious what updates you can give us since you said, “EXPECT A LOT MORE UPDATES IN EARLY 2023”.

We’re launching a new book right now and working on Bugflow.

Financial Freedom is on the list as soon as these are in a good spot. Of course these two projects took longer than expected, but they are coming along great.

Stay tuned :smiley: