New videos and the book is 100% done!

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Everything in our API + SPA book is 100% complete. This means every page, video, and code is thoroughly complete!

Today the final release of videos are available to everyone who made a purchase at no extra charge. This last set of videos focuses in on the complexities of making an API + SPA application and how to fine tune your app’s mobile experience.

Here’s more:

:iphone: Isolating Features for Web and Mobile

In order to take advantage of native mobile hardware, we have to isolate certain features to target the mobile app only. In this video, we go through the process of how to use mobile hardware if deployed to an iOS or Android device without affecting the functionality of the web application.

:gift: Reusable API Endpoint Wrappers with NuxtJS

This video is on of our favorites. We show you how to wrap your API endpoints in NuxtJS so you can re-use functions throughout your SPA. You can use that single endpoint and update throughout your entire application. See the video below for more:

🕵️‍♂️ Verifying Emails

Validating user emails keeps the bots at bay, but it’s a complicated process. This video guides you through each step and helps you ensure the quality of your user-base is not compromised.

What’s Next?

We’re so thrilled to have this book complete and shipped! Thanks for following along on the journey.

Our pre-launch sale will only be valid for a short time after this release. If you haven’t had a chance to pick up a copy, be sure to lock in your price now.

Once the launch sale expires, we’ll also be releasing a bonus chapter with how to sign in with Apple ID Login for iOS. :partying_face: You’ll get this at no extra cost if you purchase today.

If you have any questions on anything or just want to say hello, catch us on our community forum:

Thanks again for your support. You’re an incredible group of people! :raised_hands:

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