New Open Source Project & Discord Community Launched! 🚀

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the lack of updates over the last few months. Dan and I have been very busy, but we’re excited to launch a new open source project for you!

:sparkles:Say hello to “Spin”

We’ve been using an internal tool called “Spin” and we decided to open source it to the world. Spin was inspired by Chris Fidao and Laravel Sail. We love the direction of Laravel Sail, but Spin offers a few key differences:

Replicate 100% of production in development, CI, and beyond.

  • Spin relies heavily on the concept of Docker Overrides, giving your sysadmin a chance to have a 100% replica of production
  • You can install “Spin” on the system or project level
  • Spin is language independent, so you can run any kind of containers no matter what you choose to develop with
  • Spin follows the same syntax as “docker-compose”, so it’s very easy to onboard people and find support

Spin is designed to give the best human experience possible with your development environment. Developers can easily bring their environments up by entering “spin up”, while sysadmins have the power to centrally manage all environments from a “single source of truth”.

Spin also tightly integrates with our PHP Docker Images ( which are optimized for Laravel and WordPress.

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:zap:Discord Community Launched

In an effort to continue building our community, we’re also launching a Discord community so we can collaborate in real-time! You’ll find places to get help, stay in touch with our latest open source projects, and other channels to hang out and meet new people.

Feel free to jump on and say hi! :wave:

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We’re very thankful to have you follow along our journey. We have a ton of other things in the works that we’re excited to share with you next month. Stay tuned!

Thanks again for your support.

Stay creative,
-Jay & Dan :v:

Hi Guys,

The invite to Discord isn’t working for me, it says ‘Unable to accept invite’ when I click to join. Any idea what is causing this?


I just tested the on my end and it worked here. Some people say that it might be an IP ban thing?

Are you attempting to join over a VPN? If so, try it without a VPN or try joining from your cell phone instead (over 5G/LTE, etc)?