January 2021 Update: The Moment You Realize You're Human

Hey everyone,

We’re so sorry for the delay on the book this past month. We had ambitious goals but, to be frank with you, 2021 started of with a lot of challenges. Reality hit us hard.

Our momentum was rolling well through 2020. Unfortunately on New Years Day, Dan’s dad (John) unexpectedly passed away. There was no warning. Dan’s world was shattered.

John was Server Side Up’s #1 fan. He was most known for being a loving father, husband, and someone who you could count on to be there for you through the good times and the bad. He was was an avid and accomplished woodworker and an expert small-engine repairman, and he was always generous with the fruits of his labor. His shop was his refuge, where he welcomed visitors and always patiently taught them how to master the craft of working with your hands.

The loss of John left us speechless and with a lot of sadness.

Just when the pieces started to slowly come back together, my wife was hospitalized for a possible blood clot in her lung and concerns for her heart after showing symptoms of COVID-19. Long story short, there wasn’t a blood clot, thankfully, but she was still very ill for almost a week. She’s now home, recovered, and returning to work this week.

So sorry to bring such bad news to start off the week. We just wanted be transparent where things are at in our lives.

We’re working on regaining our momentum this week, but we greatly appreciate your patience while we were supporting our families.

We encourage you to stop and think who inspires you the most to be creative. Once you have that person in mind, go thank them for being so inspiring. You won’t regret the conversation and you’ll create a good memory.

We promise we will be working our hardest to get this book completed ASAP. In the meantime, feel free to ask us any questions on our community.

Thanks again for your understanding. Stay Creative!

:v: Jay & Dan


My best wishes for both of you!

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