Hi everyone, I’m Andre

I’m mainly focused on consulting & business dev (all types). Currently hard at work learning to build SW platforms which may or may not be applied in some of the businesses I help people to get going. Laravel, Nuxt, Vue and now Capacitor are the frameworks I enjoy working with supported by tools like Pinia/Playwright/Cypress/Vite/Rollbar/Kadena

Originally from SA, Roaming among SA, Mozambique, Jordan, UAE, US, Namibia, Georgia, Turkey, Thailand, Singapore, Phillippines, and China.

some are long-stays others shorter business visits

My fav sport & hobbies include scuba diving, hiking, cycling, leatherwork, woodwork, steelwork, general crafts and all the tech available to make them even more interesting.

Favorite food? - Basically to many to name. I’ll just bore you with the list.

Favorite music or bands? - Again the list is endless. From HM through to meditation flute vibes. Fav band would be Pink Floyd followed closely by CCR, but then there’s Godsmack, Dire Straits, ZZ Top, Eagles, The Animals, Blondie, Eurythmics, LynardSkynard, Bony M, Seal, Enigma, ACDC,… see where this goes?

At the moment, how to apply SSU’s build-method incorporating Capacitor, with a twist of Kadena’s blockchain and if all goes well a hint of RUST-based encryption tech via WASM (Kyber, Dilithium, Falcon, SPINCS+).

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I’m a huge classic rock and metal fan myself :smiley: Great selection!!

Thanks for saying hi and enjoy your adventures around the world!