Installing TailwindCSS in a WordPress Theme

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TailwindCSS is an absolutely amazing front end CSS library that allows you to create stunning CSS layouts. Using TailwindCSS in your WordPress Theme will help add beauty and simplicity to your design. It will also make your theme scalable and easy to manage. Let’s get TailwindCSS added to our theme. Pre-Requisite I personally prefer to…

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Hey very cool post!
Could you please write an update for using Tailwind 2?


Thanks! I’ll definitely get it updated, just learning the updates for Tailwind 2. Shouldn’t be much and I’ll make the changes.

Hey Dan, thanks for this tutorial. I got Tailwind 2.0 working (as far as I can tell) with this tutorial.

Only issue I found was a terminal error

[webpack-cli] Error: Unknown option '--hide-modules'

After a bit of duckduckgo, I found a solution, from here

I just removed '--hide-modules' from the scripts “development” line and “production” line from my package.json file and all worked well when I ran the script npm run dev hope this helps anyone else who has the same problem.

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Thanks @lightredfox ! This is very helpful!

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