How to set id to audio element

I am making a radial audio player and want to use this lib, which requires me to set the ID of the <audio> element.
Alson I saw this tutorial here which used a <audio> html 5 element but it didn’t workd for me :frowning:

Hi @mhelewa,

AmplitudeJS uses the javascript implementation of the HTML5 audio element so there is no actual element on the page that you can use.

However, I noticed that repo hasn’t been updated in awhile. If you want to use it with AmplitudeJS, you could fork it and allow passing in the audio element itself instead of the ID. You can use Amplitude.getAudio() to return the actual audio element.

You can also build your own visualizations with AmplitudeJS if you want. This would allow you to use the code provided in the radial repo and make a visualization plugin for AmplitudeJS;

Let me know if that helps!