File Management with VueJS and Laravel

Originally published at: File Management with VueJS and Laravel - Server Side Up

This whole tutorial series: API Driven Development With Laravel and VueJS has been focused on building a single page application with VueJS that’s powered by an API with Laravel. We’ve gone through a variety of requests, but what we haven’t touched on is file uploading. File uploading can be a little tricky by nature, but…

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Thanks for this tutorial. There is a laravel vue app. GitHub - isaacdarcilla/hrms: ⚡ Human resource management system built with VueJS, InertiaJS, Lar The problem is that it does not have a migrations folder. There is a .dev file in the repo which contains install instructions, but it is for sqlite… How can I use mysql?

Thanks @ugintl !

I took a look and unfortunately all of migrations are missing. I’d recommend reaching out to the dev and recommend he remove the migrations directory from the .gitignore file: so they appear in the repo.