Feature Request: App Documentation through Github Pages

:point_right: Describe the problem

Right now we don’t have any place where we can write documentation. I was thinking we could throw together a quick Github pages site for this app where users can browse documentation on how to get started and learn more about the app.

:busts_in_silhouette: Problem evidence & reach

Pretty much any potential user will be affected by this. It will be helpful for the users to understand the app it self.

:trophy: How to solve this problem

I say we throw a Github pages repo up using Nuxt: Deploy Nuxt on GitHub Pages - NuxtJS. This way we can make it easy to use, match branding colors, and manage the content through markdown.

This would be great to work on once Docus comes out! :sweat_smile:

When Docus comes out, we will be pushing so many docs. I can’t wait!