Amplitudejs html5 player catastrophic failure Help

After about a few years years my amplitudejs players just quit. If someone would take a look and see if there is any simple fix. At this point I have no idea what happened. Used to work super good with the playlist. Thank You!

@Kevin There seems to be something happening with HTTP vs HTTPS on your site. The issue is your site is not loading the local version of Amplitude.

Check out: How to fix a website with blocked mixed content - Web security | MDN

Also check out your network settings.

@danpastori - Absolutely I added the โ€˜sโ€™ to this my test page and you can see what it should look like and it works. Iโ€™ll have to see if itโ€™s affecting other things of this fairly large rambling website. Thank You those extra set of eyes were a great help! :slight_smile: