AmplitudeJS example doesn't save audio volume between tracks

I was testing the AmplitudeJS, pretty good software I must say, but the example blue-playlist doesn’t save the volume between tracks. The slider doesn’t change its position but the audio volume always resets to 100%.
How do I fix that ? I’m using firefox 80.0.1.

Hey @Hoeliau!

We’re tracking that as an open bug on Github

We’re hoping to have a fix soon!

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Oh, ok thanks.
Any workaround I could apply ? Like register to the next track event or something and then I could apply myself the volume?

Could you try downgrading to 5.0 or sooner? There was a PR that optimized memory usage, but it broke a bunch of things.

You can easily test the different versions by pulling the CDN URL here:

Let us know if that works and what version solved it for you :grin:


Try v5.0.3 or sooner.

Ok, I’ll test later this evenning.
Thank you.

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Looks like that v5.0.3 is working fine. I guess I’ll use this then.

Thanks for letting us know! We’re working hard to get the bugs fixed soon. Just trying to finish up some work so we can keep the lights on :grinning:

Once we have a fix in place, we highly recommend upgrading. The new version does have significant performance improvements.

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Ok thanks. Then good luck and keep up the good work. I made my own(personal) lib like yours but really small, like a hundred lines. I wanted to have my own player on my TV but you lib is far more usable :wink: .

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Huh??? Are you guys really cutting it that close? Such skilled devs and quality code though :exploding_head:

Edit: referring to keeping the lights on comment

Thanks for your compliments @joeelia! :grin:

Let me clarify: We are safe, well fed, and NOT on the verge of bankruptcy :rofl:

Sorry, the “keeping the lights on” is a phrase I use to explain work that pays the bills.

In reality though, we are just a two person bootstrapped company. We have $0 in outside funding and no partners in our company. Staying bootstrapped is a very important value to us. This gives us complete control of our company and we use our constraints to think more creatively when building products.

For transparency, 99% of our annual revenue comes from clients paying us.

We’ve been working this way for the last 9 years, but we’re hitting the point where we want to work on open source projects only if we can find the support.

We’re working on launching a sponsorship program, but we really want that to be a high-quality program.

If we get the support, we’ll be able to work on open source projects 100% of the time :grin:

More details coming soon! :crossed_fingers: