Adding key bindings for Mute, Vol+ and Vol-

Is it possible to add key bindings for volume related tasks (up, down and mute)? I’m producing a website that needs to be accessible. The key bindings work great for play/pause and prev/next track and adding volume would be ideal.

I’m happy to explore the code but just wanted to check if there are any obvious issues why they have not already been included.

@JollyRoger Good idea! Right now, I don’t have those keybindings supported, but will definitely add that in the next release.

For now, you could bind a keybind event through Javascript and set it directly on the exposed audio element Amplitude.getAudio() Public Functions - AmplitudeJS Documentation.

However, it’s preferred to have a key binding and I’ll add that to the back log!

Hi Dan, thanks for the reply. That’s great news about adding new key bindings. I’ll have a look at the getAudio() option in the meantime.