📹 3 More Videos Available!

Hi there,

A few more videos have been recorded, edited and available for download! Including one of my favorite videos on how to “Create Search Endpoints with Laravel”.

:point_right: Get the book

:iphone: Creating iOS and Android Applications From the Same Repo

This video will show how we structure our single page application for deployment to the iOS and Android app stores. We talk about a few gotchas and how to install CapacitorJS to make this possible.

:mag: Creating Search Endpoints with Laravel

We’re super excited to share this video! With a properly structured search endpoint, you can add as many filters and add extra data/features with minimal effort. This process allows for scalable filtering of your endpoints and their features. Hopefully your apps will benefit from this video as well. We made this available for you to view on YouTube!

:email: Customizing Mailables with Laravel

Branding your application is hard, but makings sure your emails match your brand is even harder. This video will guide you through the 3 types of emails that Laravel provides and where the settings are to make each email match your brand. We cover how to send and structure HTML, Plain Text, and Markdown emails.

What’s Next?

All of our videos are now recorded and will be published on a regular basis. We have 6 more videos to share, so keep an eye on the inbox!

If you have any questions, want to drop us a line, or need any more information, feel free to connect on our community forum: https://community.serversideup.net/.

Keep Creating,
Dan & Jay