✨ Requesting Features for Financial Freedom

Requesting features is very exciting, but it can become very confusing very quickly because software is not tangible (meaning we cannot hold the code we write in our hands).

Defining a clear problem with a clear solution is critical for all software development.

We took some inspiration from a post titled Feature Requests That Don’t Suck.

Where can I see the current feature requests?

All features requests are tagged as feature-idea-ff.


People can then vote on them to show demand for that feature.

Creating a quality feature request

We created a nice template for you to fill out. You can copy this and paste it into your post. We even added some comments to help you along the way.

# 👉 Describe the problem
[comment]: <> (What are you trying to solve?)

# 👥 Problem evidence & reach
[comment]: <> (How many people have this problem?)

# 🥰 Describe the "impact" on users?
[comment]: <> (How will this make people's lives better once it is solved?)

# 🏆 How to solve this problem
[comment]: <> (Describe the feature that you are proposing and how it will solve the problem)

### Detail 1
* A
* B
* C

### Detail 2
* E
* F
* G

# 💯 How do we validate the problem is solved?
[comment]: <> (Explain use cases on how we can measure the success of this implementation)

Ready to get started? Copy the template above and create your topic here:


Remember: This is community software

This software is run by the community so we won’t be able to get to everything. If you are really eager, you can submit a PR yourself or even fork the project. We also will expedite feature requests if you want to financially sponsor any additions (assuming your feature lines up well for the community).